The Rise and Impact of Digital Amnesia

People rely on technology every day to do the things that they often used to do themselves, like simple math. But, that is only the start of things, as technology evolved, people relied on it even more, from computers, to smartphones today. It has come to the point where people fail to remember six or even seven digit numbers, simply because their phones do it for them. This phenomenon is called Digital Amnesia and it is prevalent wherever we have the technology.

An example would be sports betting. People often have no clue how to bet on their favorite sports, even when they are frequently betting on a said sport, let’s say horse racing. That’s why consulting various sites for tips, like, among others, is often mandatory for those who frequently rely on mobile phones to do the remembering for them. Is digital amnesia going to consume us all?

Digital Amnesia – A Side Product of Improvement

As we advance as a society, things often change, the environment, the equipment we use, the impact we have on the world around us, including ourselves. As we developed more powerful computers, which could store lots of data, so have we learned to rely on them to store that data for us. Doing simple tasks like math, remembering dates or numbers no longer had to be done. For some people who were already in their 30s when smartphones hit the market, they took it with mixed reactions. The newer generations didn’t think twice about the impact of smartphones. 

Digital Amnesia is the inability to remember numbers or important dates without using technology, mostly smartphones and the like. Is it impacting us as much as we are lead to believe? Yes, in a way.

50% of People Can’t Remember Their Partner’s Number

Studies are often done to measure the impact of mobile phones and technology on our lives, specifically our memory. People who fail to remember certain, let’s call them, important phone numbers, are often those who suffer from Digital Amnesia. In the UK, at least 50% of people tested could not remember their partner’s phone number without consulting their best friend, the mobile phone. That is just the start of things, as people often fail to remember their workplace number, while some fail to remember their children’s numbers or even their own numbers.

Phones Also Help

While people will be more than happy to join the queue and criticize mobile phones, they also neglect to mention that people are the ones using the phones. The phones themselves have no impact without people using them. They are about as useful as a paperweight. But, people do use mobile phones, and some use them to increase their productivity. Complicated schedules and plans have to be remembered somehow. If you have to focus on the work at hand, you don’t want to be wasting energy on remembering each meeting and thing you also have to do.

Digital Amnesia is here and it completely depends on us whether it will be staying.